safe wear

Extra protection for your garments

The line of products to sanitize or protect your apparel from germs, viruses and bacteria

safe wear is Garmon's new line of performance finishes that protects consumers' health and safety. Wearing clothes treated with safe wear products, people can feel safe and comfortable again living their lives outdoors.

The safe wear products have been designed to include different technologies, levels of protection and price points to suit all the needs of the textile industry and consumers.

HeiQ Viroblock

garmon powered by heiq viroblock
garmon powered by heiq viroblock

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is the most advanced product of the safe wear line.
Created by HeiQ, a Swiss company of which Kemin Industries is part owner, HeiQ Viroblock has a strong, patent-pending antiviral and antibacterial effect against enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses, Covid-19, and bacteria.

Garments treated with HeiQ Viroblock actively inhibit viruses and kill bacteria upon contact, helping to minimize the potential for re-transmission of pathogens from textiles.

HeiQ Viroblock has been designed to stay active on treated garments for 30 gentle domestic washes at 60° C, ensuring safety for the consumer that lasts for a good part of the garment’s life.

Thanks to the partnership between Kemin Industries and HeiQ, which began in 2017, Garmon extensively tested HeiQ Viroblock on garments to optimize dosages and application for garment finishing, ensuring an action that does not alter apparel’s properties and look.

Viroblock ensures:

  • virus and bacteria that reach garment surface are eliminated
  • efficacy against Covid-19
  • garments are protected for at least 30 gentle domestic washes
safe wear sani-tex sanitize garments at a very competitive price


sani-tex is an easy solution to remove germs and bacteria from garments, ensuring hygiene standards.

sani-tex has been designed to guarantee an effective, immediate action while maintaining a very competitive price point.
Due to its composition, based on some of the most useful and versatile active sanitizing contents, the application of sani-tex on garments removes a variety of microorganisms and different types of viruses, in particular lipophilic viruses (e.g. herpes simplex, vaccinia, influenza and adenovirus).

safe wear elam sani-tex sanitize and soften garments at a very competitive price

elam sani-tex

Our new softener dedicated to professional garment hygiene: elam sani-tex has the same sanitizing performance of sani-tex, but with the inclusion of a special softener to give distinctive softness to garments.

Using elam sani-tex helps both laundries and brands provide consumers a finished product that is safe and respectful of their health.

Highlights of sani-tex and elam sani-tex:

  • very easy solution to remove germs and bacteria from garments
  • extremely competitive price
  • can be combined with a softener or used in substitution of a softener

Tested: UNI EN ISO 20743:2013

sani-tex excellent ability to remove bacteria from fabrics has been tested and certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 20743:2013. Click to download the test report. 

safe wear products have been tested to be suitable for any kind of fiber, including natural, synthetic or blends. All safe wear products also work with Garmon’s smart foam, the easiest system to save water in garment finishing

Safe Wear Products:

Heiq Viroblock NPJ03

Antiviral and antibacterial agent for all fiber types with a long lasting effect, even after multiple washes. Tested by Garmon for application in denim and cotton textiles.

elam sani-tex

Cationic softener for finishes with high hygiene standards.


Additive for garment finishing treatments with high hygiene standards.
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